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by Counterblast

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Karma Crusher
8 song LP
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Recorded and mixed at Six III Studios by Andy Guida
Mastered at New Alliance East by Nicholas Zampiello


released May 12, 2015

Vocals: Balaram Shakti Das (Gjared Robinson)
Rhythm guitar: Vakresvara Pandit Das (Diego Montoya)
Drums: Bhakta Fred Grave
Bass: Bhakta Timothy Maze

*lead guitar, additional guitars and bass for this recording done by Balaram Shakti Das (Gjared Robinson)



all rights reserved



Progressive hardcore band spreading the message of Krishna consciousness.

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Track Name: The Search
“The Search”

To get what what’s wanted fall at the feet
of one’s own mercy
Building walls attempting to run through
Put down that stack of bricks

The greatest misconception, is that the limit of your perception is the limit of all there is to perceive
So much to learn and know embrace the world and she will show you’re always in search of living

Future hold’s nothing that can’t be
held in trembling hands
A life that’s led will soon be said
in a cushioned burial bed
Take the time to come alive

What’s asleep in the deep dark blue ocean of ourselves?
Creepy crawly beauty things that beg to be seen
We creatures caught in habit
If only to venture out and grab it

An elusive reclusive flame that drives
Sleeveless trick is to surrender to
the flow of human experience
So why the hesitation?
Track Name: Skeletons

Reduced to skeleton
What can I take from you?
Slave mentality, don’t tell them that they’re beautiful
Addiction diminishes value,
Shame surrounds your every step
This is the dance of the dead

Self murder abuse, nature an excuse
And I’m guilty too, must regain control

Hellish possession dwindles your existence
Sick is sick, have to admit and you know you know it
When everything is physical
we only get half of the gold
Another sucker sells themselves short

I’m in the side seat, someone else is driving
We’re picking up speed, there’s no sign of stopping
One after the other and on to the next mistakes
I want to grab the wheel and slam the brakes…
right now
Track Name: Karma Crusher
“Karma Krusher”

In this position of anger, turmoil and strife
I often wonder what the purpose is of this life
To wander and suffer like the first footsteps of a child
A constant state of uncertainty where nothing is worthwhile

Dying of a deep hunger and we don’t know what to eat
Serpents spit venom in the milk that was meant to be sweet
Need some guidance and shelter so that I can find
A way to cleanse the dust from the mirror of the mind

In this place of discomfort and hatred
Losing touch with the things that are divine and sacred
Trying so hard to keep from going over the edge
Need some balance and protection around us
to shield from the enemy
But what if all along the intruder was me

The earth is fading and it won’t last
Destroying creation quick and fast
Override the actions of the past
We must save ourselves
To point the blame is just a waste of time
A brush with guilt is unkind
The sins one can’t cover or deny
We must save ourselves
Save yourself, Save yourself
Track Name: I Vow
Shadows from far masks worn long ago
A memory of what once was lost and found again
Isolation, transmutation, metamorphosis, new reality taking shape
The glass is clear, see through me, give it all
A lion has come to crush my demons and guide me to the right
"I Vow"

I'm not the man few once knew, truth slays with its sword
The blade is at this neck
I accept the blame, no longer running free captivity
Naked, vulnerable and shedding flesh
To liberate from a hell I placed my bones in.

Swollen belly release twice born
Into another form rise once more
Losing false identity
Rinse, dry, repeat...pure soul fire

Eyes not blind

It feels good to not hold back
Won't take the bait or fall into a trap
This is how it's supposed to be
Nothing left but sincerity