Shadows from far masks worn long ago
A memory of what once was lost and found again
Isolation, transmutation, metamorphosis, new reality taking shape
The glass is clear, see through me, give it all
A lion has come to crush my demons and guide me to the right
"I Vow"

I'm not the man few once knew, truth slays with its sword
The blade is at this neck
I accept the blame, no longer running free captivity
Naked, vulnerable and shedding flesh
To liberate from a hell I placed my bones in.

Swollen belly release twice born
Into another form rise once more
Losing false identity
Rinse, dry, repeat...pure soul fire

Eyes not blind

It feels good to not hold back
Won't take the bait or fall into a trap
This is how it's supposed to be
Nothing left but sincerity


from Karma Crusher Promo, released May 12, 2015



all rights reserved



Progressive hardcore band spreading the message of Krishna consciousness.

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