from by Counterblast




Reduced to skeleton
What can I take from you?
Slave mentality, don’t tell them that they’re beautiful
Addiction diminishes value,
Shame surrounds your every step
This is the dance of the dead

Self murder abuse, nature an excuse
And I’m guilty too, must regain control

Hellish possession dwindles your existence
Sick is sick, have to admit and you know you know it
When everything is physical
we only get half of the gold
Another sucker sells themselves short

I’m in the side seat, someone else is driving
We’re picking up speed, there’s no sign of stopping
One after the other and on to the next mistakes
I want to grab the wheel and slam the brakes…
right now


from Karma Crusher Promo, released May 12, 2015



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Progressive hardcore band spreading the message of Krishna consciousness.

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